About PM4ALL

What is it?

It is a 2 days event, including keynotes, workshops and a whole lot of dynamism and fun!! Under this environment, will you be able to acquire further knowledge on how emotions influence Project Management scenarios! You will be able to ackowledge in which way you can take the best out of your team’s emotional side, in order for it to behave at its highest performance and realization!


This fall! From the 9th to the 10th of November, 2012! [We’ll be around for socialization on the 8th though, don’t miss it!]


The event will be at Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto(FEUP), Porto, Portugal.

Info about the location | How to get there | Where to stay

Who is it for?

Both students and young professionals, that are interested in Project Management, regardless what their professional field  may be, are more than welcome!! It is only required that you’re very interested in Project Management, and are willing to learn in a relaxed, dynamic, pro-active and sharing environment!

Fees and Registration:

To register click here!

Participation fee (Including: 50 € annual membership fee with APOGEP valid until November 2013; Meals during the event (lunches, coffee breaks and Saturday’s dinner); Certificate of participation) *

Take advantage of the early bird prices and get registered now!

  •  40 € Young Crew member, Student or Unemployed (early bird until 31.10.2012)
  •  55 € Young Professional (early bird until 31.10.2012)
  •  45 € Young Crew member, Student or Unemployed (normal price from 01.11 until 08.11.2012)
  •  60 € Young Professional (normal price from 01.11 until 08.11.2012)

(If you have a voucher from CIJE send it to us together with your payment receipt to the registration email: pm4all@apogep.pt )

Note: the Event will be held in English & You will receive a certificate for your participation.


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